Governor Joshua Adamson

Governor Adamson Announces Arrests For State Residents Who Fail To Comply With Evacuation Orders

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Governor Joshua Adamson's Official Portrait, 2023.

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Welcome To My Office:

I am Governor Joshua Adamson, the 20th and current Governor of the State Of Mesa. I understand the hardships our state faces and the recent resignation of Governor Kirk Paul reflects my dedication to each and everyone of our incredible citizens. I promise to "WORK FOR ALL MESIANS", and refuse to target anyone, especially those in a minority group. While many of my Legislative colleagues are fearful my legislation will follow in the grim footsteps of my predecessor, I can assure you that, it simply will not happen. I will work closely to ensure our Trans-youth, Trans-Community and other minority groups are well looked after and have access to the healthcare procedures that they need.

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Governor Joshua Adamson

Governor Adamson Currently Serves As The State Of Mesa's 20th Governor And Has Served Since May 9, 2023. He Succeeded The 19th Governor, Governor Kirk Paul.

Lieutenant Governor Gregory Brentwood

Lieutenant Governor Gregory Brentwood Serves As The State Of Mesa's 24th Lt. Governor And Has Served Since May 9, 2023. He Succeeded Former Lt. Governor Joshua Adamson Who Became The State's 20th Governor.

From The Governor...

Governor Adamson Announces That He Will Extend Trans Care Through Medical Bypass Care

July 5, 2023 - 

Early today, Governor Adamson announces that he will extend Transgender Healthcare through the Medical Bypass insurance category. The Governor announcing that it will allow Transgender Mesians to receive gender affirming care, something that Governor Kirk Paul attempted to strip away. The bill is expected to pass the Nationalist controlled State Legislature.

Governor Joshua Adamson addresses the collapse of the Lawrence Copper Mine at 11:05 PM on July 29, 2023.

The Lawrence Copper Mine Collapse

LAWRENCE, MESA(GOVERNOR ADAMSON) - Today we have been told that at least 50 people have been recovered for the collapse site alive. This is welcome news as the tragic 90 lives that were lost has created a film of hopelessness. I want to reiterate that our state is committed to getting closure for all families that were involved in tragic collapse of the mine.

We will keep you all updated on the recovery. Investigators and scientists are on site.

(The office of Governor Joshua Adamson, July 30, 2023)